Used IMS LVIS-III #9144218 for sale

ID: 9144218
Vintage: 2009
Inspection system 2009 vintage.
IMS LVIS-III is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides high-precision wafer testing and metrology solutions for industrial and photovoltaic applications. The platform is designed to certify and verify wafer homogeneity and ensure yields are maintained. The system's design enables a variety of substrate options and offers high-level control for equipment alignment. The equipment is configured with a four-axis unit, allowing users to adapt the testing surface to various wafer and substrate types. For homogeneity verification purposes, LVIS-III includes two independent laser stations, which measure the wafers before and after testing. The software offers three primary modes of operation: scan, translate, and focus. The scan mode performs a fast surface scan of the wafer to analyze and measure the presence of any non-uniformity, thereby ensuring any variation in surface characteristics are detected. The translate mode uses the four-axis machine to move the sample in linear motions, allowing for comparison between areas. The focus mode is used to adjust the focus of the laser beam and determine the appropriate positions for the scan and translation modes. The tool further comprises an automated wafer mapping process that produces a series of interactive graphical representations of measured data for further analysis. In addition, the platform incorporates state-of-the-art automation systems to ensure a successful production process. These features also increase wafer throughput and allow the asset to be used in high production environments. IMS LVIS-III also implements error-reduction procedures to ensure the accuracy of results. It includes a graphical image alignment method to eliminate errors due to misalignment of different wafer mapping points. In addition, a temperature provided to the sample is measured and monitored by the model to account for thermal stability in results. Overall, LVIS-III is a high-performance wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for industrial and photovoltaic applications. It enables companies to evaluate wafer homogeneity and ensure yields are maintained as efficiently as possible. With its comprehensive automation systems and optimization techniques, IMS LVIS-III is a powerful production tool used to monitor and maintain product quality in the electronics and photovoltaic industry.
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