Used IMS LVIS #9160840 for sale

ID: 9160840
Vintage: 2009
Visual inspection systems Currently installed in clean room 2009 vintage.
IMS LVIS is a wafer testing and metrology equipment produced by the company Image Metrology Systems. The system specializes in testing micro-scale structures on wafers and allows for in-depth analysis on them. It is specifically designed to measure the geometrical properties and electrical properties of III-V, SiGe and SOI device structures. The unit works by using a stage, mounted on a precision air bearing, to move and position the sample stages to specific alignment areas. An integrated digital camera, coupled with specialized software, is used to capture images of the sample at different magnifications. The images are then analyzed and used to measure specific characteristics of the sample including geometrical characteristics. LVIS is capable of measuring a wide range of geometrical properties, such as 2D and 3D line widths, edge profiles and sidewall angles. It can also measure electrical properties such as resistivity, contact resistance, and dielectric properties. The machine is also capable of measuring multiple samples at the same time, meaning it is ideal for both research applications and high throughput production lines. IMS LVIS is also capable of performing precise position and orientation measurements, allowing for precise alignment of the sample during the testing process. This ensures that the accuracy of the measurements is not compromised by incorrect position or orientation of the sample stages. Finally, users are given a great deal of control and flexibility regarding the testing and measurement process. Advanced configuration options allow the user to create a specific testing sequence which utilizes an array of automated features that can be used to measure multiple samples in a single run. Overall, LVIS is a powerful and accurate wafer testing and metrology tool which brings together state of the art laser imaging technology with powerful software analysis. This allows it to measure geometrical and electrical properties on samples with unparalleled accuracy and detail.
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