Used ISIS SENTRONICS StraDex 300S #9072232 for sale

ID: 9072232
Wafer metrology system.
ISIS SENTRONICS StraDex 300S Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the demands of the semiconductor industry for high precision, dynamic performance and cost-effective process control. StraDex 300S provides a turn-key solution for automated wafer inspection and metrology. Its suite of integrated tools includes a unique Multi-Sensor Scanning Platform for probing and uncovering wafers' defects; a High Resolution Optical Microscope for magnification of epitaxial patterns on wafers; a Rotating Stage for fast and accurate examination of surface and other features; and Advanced Production Control for enhanced process automation. The Multi-Sensor Scanning Platform uses multiple advanced sensors to rapidly detect subtle changes in wafer geometry and surface topology. These sensors use a variety of technologies including laser confocal, atomic force, X-ray diffraction, and other techniques, as well as advanced vision algorithms. This suite of probes can quickly capture the data needed and generate reports of wafer information with accuracy and reliability. The High Resolution Optical Microscope can magnify microscopic features on wafers and provide high resolution imaging of features such as small defects and grain boundaries. Its multi-layer optics system and its advanced vision algorithms provide bright images in real time. The Rotating Stage provides the user with a highly automated unit that can quickly and accurately scan and examine the surface and other features of the wafer. Its precision silver bearing motor ensures smooth and reliable performance. Finally, the Advanced Production Control offers users the ability to easily adjust the parameters of their process and swiftly reassess the performance. This enables greater efficiency and accuracy in the development and optimization of production processes. In this way, ISIS SENTRONICS StraDex 300S Wafer Testing and Metrology Machine is able to provide users with the precise data and control needed to enhance their process control. Its scalable and comprehensive suite of tools ensures that it is capable of efficient and accurate wafer testing and metrology for any fabricator.
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