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JMAR Mirage
ID: 9112674
Vintage: 1997
Precision laser measurement system Automatic 2 position lens shuttle 8" x 4" XY Stage travel Pentium PC controller 1997 vintage.
JMAR Mirage is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to enable high-quality and rapid testing of complex semiconductor wafers. It uses advanced laser optics, high-performance image sensors, and sophisticated image processing algorithms to analyze wafer surfaces with motion over large areas. Mirage employs a tightly-integrated inspection platform that features ultra-precision optics, laser-based imaging systems, and light diffraction-based measurements. The system's scalable 8-sphere dualview imaging unit offers brilliant imaging capabilities and optical accuracy, even in high-background environments. It harnesses a custom array of laser spots, high-speed alignment features, and 7-axis automation for accurate and repeatable testing and metrology. The built-in, ultra-compact parallax imaging subsystems also offer high sensitivity and resolution. The machine's Morphology Recognition Technology (MRT) allows users to quickly assess surface patterns and features as small as 1um across the full wafer area. The MRT engine is combined with automated optical stigmator and focus features. This provides the comprehensive performance evaluation of surfaces and non-uniformities that is required in the manufacturing of complex semiconductor products. JMAR Mirage also employs SPCICorp's Intersite Control (ISC) technology. ISC provides integrated control and monitoring of tool complex commands via its in-situ analysis libraries and algorithms. It works in tandem the intuitive user interface to quickly determine a variety of critical characteristics, such as defect area, position and size. Overall, Mirage offers a comprehensive, high-performance tool for wafer testing and metrology. It provides advanced imaging capabilities combined with automated, motion-controlled testing and analysis. A combination of laser optics, image sensors, differential imaging algorithms, and automated tool controls enable it to quickly and accurately assess the surfaces of complex semiconductor wafers.
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