Used KEVEX Omicron 952-102 #63742 for sale

ID: 63742
XRF spectrometer Pentium II MMX, 333 mHz 64 MB RAM, 6 GB HDD Ultra Link Model 118 ISA Card Windows 98 Omincon v2.21 Kevex XRF Monitor v7.0 Kevex SDP (Spectrum Display Panel) v2.1 Kevex VideoApp v1.0 Kevex WinXRF v2.21 Input Voltage: 120 VAC only.
KEVEX Omicron 952-102 Wafer Testing and Metrology equipment is a precision testing platform designed for testing semiconductor wafers. It is intended for process development, characterisation and quality control processes in semiconductor manufacturing. The system consists of a motorised wafer table, a support housing, and a high-resolution optical inspection microscope. The wafer table is able to position wafers with an accuracy up to 1.5 μm. The optical microscope has the ability to measure small critical dimensions on the surface of the wafer such as gate lengths and device sizes, as well as other features, with an accuracy of 2 μm or better. Both plane and tilted surfaces can be measured. Omicron 952-102 unit offers a variety of measurement characteristics, including vector measurement capability which can be used to measure non- planar surfaces as well as alignment measurement. This machine also features a top-down viewing mode which can be used to measure feature geometries such as height profile or surface contours. Data acquired by the tool is transferred by a CCD camera to the ACIS (Advanced Computer Imaging Asset) computer. The ACIS computer then digitizes the image and provides image processing, analysis and storage capabilities. Images can be processed to detect defects such as contamination, micro-voiding and defects caused by line patterning. The advanced Digital Imaging and Analysis (DIA) software allows for further detailed measurement and analysis. Additionally, the model offers advanced connectivity options allowing it to be integrated into automated test systems. KEVEX Omicron 952-102 equipment is a versatile, high-performance platform for testing, measuring and analysing semiconductor wafers. It supports a wide range of wafer sizes and is highly accurate for testing, metrology and defect detection. Additionally, its advanced functions and connectivity options make it an ideal solution for automated testing and process development.
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