Used KEVEX Omicron #61542 for sale

ID: 61542
Vintage: 1998
XRF system, with small spot.
KEVEX Omicron is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed and manufactured by KEVEX, a leading supplier of custom test and inspection systems. It is used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, specifically for back-end process testing and metrology applications. It consists of a main frame unit and two supporting systems that handle the input and output of data from the unit. The main frame unit of Omicron is composed of both electrical and physical components. It includes a state-of-the-art planetary motion system for precise, high-speed wafer scanning, a deposition unit for highly-accurate wafer patterning, and a sophisticated CCD camera that can capture multiple images of the wafer surface. Together, these components provide accurate data acquisition and analysis solutions to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The two specialized systems that accompany KEVEX Omicron are its automated metrology machine and its image acquisition and analysis software. The metrology tool can be programmed with specific test and measuring parameters, and it is capable of providing precise, real-time measurements of wafer features and defects. The asset is capable of accurately measuring features ranging from macro-level shadowing and pattern overlays, to nano-scale process variations. The image acquisition and analysis model of Omicron is an optimized software package that offers both real-time data acquisition and image analysis capabilities. It can capture a variety of image formats including high-definition color, optical microscopy, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The software offers a powerful set of image processing capabilities that can be used to locate and measure specific features and defects on a wafer. It can also generate detailed reports and analysis of wafer characteristics as well as generate process-improvement suggestions and yield predictions. Overall, KEVEX Omicron is an incredibly powerful and accurate tool for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Its advanced components and specialized systems provide high-precision data acquisition and analysis solutions, enabling manufacturers to streamline the wafer testing and metrology processes and to maximize yield and performance.
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