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ID: 9178517
Laser displacement sensors.
KEYENCE LK-011 is one of the most advanced wafer testing and metrology systems on the market. It is designed to provide precise and reliable testing and measurement of various semiconductor wafer surfaces. The equipment integrates an array of sophisticated inspection and metrology tools into one highly efficient system that performs a wide variety of measurement tasks. LK-011 has a high-resolution optical microscope with two light sources: an LED lamp for low grain resolution and a high-performance LED for high grain resolution. The microscope can observe samples up to 100x magnification, meaning that the unit can provide highly detailed images of the wafer's surface. The machine uses advanced imaging technology to identify any irregularities, defects, or unexpected characteristics. The tool also has a dual-axis laser metrology tool that provides highly precise measurements. It uses two laser beams that travel along two separate axes. The device is able to detect the height, width, and depth of any features on the wafer surface, as well as measuring particle size and other parameters. The asset offers extremely accurate measurements with a resolution of 1 nm. KEYENCE LK-011 also includes an integrated focus monitor, which continually ensures that the wafer surface is always in sharp focus. The focus monitor utilizes an autofocus model which automatically adjusts the focus to the optimum position. The equipment also has an automated defect detection system which is able to identify small defects and irregularities that cannot be seen by the human eye. The unit is also equipped with a data analysis tool that can compare multiple measurements against user-defined rules and requirements. The results can then be stored within the machine's database and used for quality control and traceability purposes. The data can also be exported for additional analysis and troubleshooting. Overall, LK-011 is an extremely powerful and advanced wafer testing and metrology solution for semiconductor manufacturers. It provides reliable and precise measurements to ensure the highest possible quality for semiconductor wafers. By streamlining the entire testing and metrology process, the tool helps to reduce costs and improve productivity.
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