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ID: 9178518
Laser displacement sensors.
KEYENCE LK-3101 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is an advanced metrology solution for a wide variety of industrial applications. It combines rapid, non-contact 3D testing, defect and shape measurement capabilities with a user-friendly, intuitively operated, graphical user interface. LK-3101 Wafer Testing and Metrology System features a set of advanced technologies specifically designed for testing wafers, including a Q-Nulled radial alignment which helps ensure that all test points on a wafer are accurately located to ensure maximum accuracy. In addition, the unit includes an interferometric inspection that quickly and non-destructively measures wafer thicknesses, thin films, and other properties. The machine also features an advanced segmentation tool which can detect small features on a wafer for quick and accurate measurement and an alignment tool which correctly recognizes the flat surface of a wafer regardless of wafer orientation. This ensures maximum accuracy with wafers of every size and shape. In addition to measuring the defects on a wafer, KEYENCE LK-3101 Wafer Testing and Metrology Asset's software also provides many advanced functions including mathematical operations such as unifying and sorting data, segregating defects, measuring features, compressing data, and creating contour and 3D surface profiles. The data can also be represented in various graphics formats such as 2D and 3D images, and the model can also be linked to databases and other external software applications. LK-3101 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is suitable for any application that requires reliable, accurate, and fast wafer testing solutions, and it can also be upgraded with additional options such as an editor for Programming Language and an Advanced Graphics Library for graphical user interface. With the system's high throughput and excellent delivery of results, it is one of the most advanced metrology solutions available on the market today.
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