Used KEYENCE LK-G11 #9109318 for sale

ID: 9109318
Laser displacement sensors.
KEYENCE LK-G11 is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment that is used to inspect semiconductor wafers for a variety of defects and characteristics. The system is capable of performing high precision measurements and testing of multiple wafers simultaneously. The unit is based on a 200mm automatic Load Port and can accept TEL (Top Examination Loader), FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod), and JEDEC specimen cassettes. It is capable of pattern recognition using a dedicated microscope and it is equipped with a range of hardware and software applications with various characterization functions. It can be used to inspect a range of semiconductor wafers including GaAs (Gallium Arsenide), Si (Silicon), SiGe (Silicon-Germanium), SOI (silicon on insulator), and COO (Complementary On-Off) wafers. The machine is built with a high-accuracy measurement function that uses independent optical and linear scales for accurate measurements. It is also equipped with functions for multi-point parameter mapping, which can measure and examine several points on a wafer simultaneously and can accurately measure product characteristics across a single wafer. It can also be used to analyze the electrical characteristics of the product and detect and measure defects on the micro-level, such as scratches, chips, and bridge defects, as well as the topography and surface contamination of the product. The advanced software of the tool allows for easy data acquisition on the wafer, with multiple variable and metrology functions. It is also capable of generating reports with graphical Wafer Map and statistical reporting functions, allowing for the analysis of measurement data in various ways. LK-G11 provides a reliable and accurate means of inspecting and testing a range of different wafer specimens and products, making it an invaluable tool for laboratories involved in semiconductor wafer processing and metrology.
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