Used KEYENCE LKG-3001P #9109315 for sale

ID: 9109315
LKG Controllers Type: PNP.
KEYENCE LKG-3001P is a high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment that is designed to meet both the highest levels of engineering accuracy and ease of operation. The system features a precision high-speed air-bearing stage and reliable high-precision measurement capabilities using an on-board 12-bit camera. This unit is equipped with a variety of built-in hardware and software options to facilitate a wide range of wafer testing applications. LKG-3001P machine has a compact design with a highly accurate air-bearing stage, ensuring precision measurements of wafers with minimal stress. The tool has an effective field of view of 27 x 15 mm, allowing optimal coverage of the entire active area of the wafer. The asset can measure features with extreme accuracy of up to 0.5 μm when using the integrated automatic scan capability. In addition, KEYENCE LKG-3001P is equipped with a 12-bit camera, providing high-precision imaging capabilities with a wide range of contrast settings and image acquisition rates. The model is also compatible with a variety of image processing and analysis software packages. With the ability to generate different types of reports, LKG-3001P offers unparalleled metrology capabilities for a variety of wafer testing applications. The equipment is also engineered for flexibility, offering the ability to quickly adjust the working parameters according to the operator's needs. Operators can control all the settings of the system through the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) with an easy-to-navigate control panel. KEYENCE LKG-3001P is the perfect choice for sophisticated wafer testing and metrology applications. It features a combination of highly accurate components, a wide range of imaging and processing options, complete flexibility, and an intuitive GUI. This unit offers an affordable solution for achieving the highest accuracy in wafer testing.
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