Used KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II #114986 for sale

ID: 114986
Thermal Profiler Dual Systems Real time transmitter and datalogger 9 channels.
KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II Impulse Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is an advanced infrared scanner designed for high-speed wafer testing. The system consists of an infrared camera, a vertical scanning stage, and a precision positioner. The high-resolution camera utilizes the latest technology to gather digital data from specimens without contact, enabling quick, accurate metrology measurements. The precision positioner ensures that the specimen is accurately positioned on the stage prior to measurement. The vertical scanning stage provides fast, high-precision scanning capability. SlimKIC II unit is designed to quickly and reliably detect anomalies in wafers during inspection. It utilizes image analysis algorithms to quickly identify both major and minor defects. The machine is capable of detecting small surface defects such as recessed chips, bridging, scuffs, and junction damage. The tool's advanced imaging capabilities allow it to detect temperature variations at the sample surface, providing an efficient means of managing thermal measurement reliability. KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II asset supports a wide range of metrology applications, including step height measurements, flatness and micro-geometry measurements, and resistance measurement. Its optical microscopy capabilities are unmatched, allowing it to measure fine surface structures and any differences in contrast. It is capable of examining a variety of materials, including silicon and other semiconductor materials, allowing for quick and efficient testing. SlimKIC II model is highly reliable and easy to use. It provides quick and accurate testing in a temperature-controlled environment, allowing for accurate and repeatable measurement results. The equipment is also highly flexible, allowing users to make changes to the test setup quickly and easily. With its advanced technology, intuitive controls, and superb performance, KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II Impulse Wafer Testing and Metrology System is an ideal choice for performing high-speed wafer testing with precision and accuracy. The unit is an invaluable asset to any laboratory or production facility, and its cost-efficiency makes it an excellent value.
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