Used KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II #114989 for sale

ID: 114989
Thermal Profiler Datalogger 9 channels.
KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II is an advanced wafer testing and metrology solution for the latest semiconductor manufacturing processes. It uses an automated process chamber to deliver a uniform thermal process across the sample's entire surface, making it ideal for studying even the most complex semiconductor components. SlimKIC II uses two closely spaced elements to control temperatures below the surface, ensuring complete uniformity and accuracy. It has a unique chamber design with a narrow space between the sample and the wafer holder that preserves the thermal uniformity during long dwell cycles. This enables accurate and consistent data collection, which is essential for device characterization. The wafer temperature is closely monitored to ensure that it is maintained below the desired process temperature. The equipment features an advanced thermal control system that accurately maintains the desired temperature and also provides feedback on the temperature of the sample. KIC THERMAL SlimKIC II is equipped with an advanced metrology package, designed to measure various electrical characteristics such as sheet resistance, contact resistance, and resistivity. This gives users detailed information about the device's electrical properties during the process. This provides greater analytical accuracy, allowing for higher levels of device yield and reliability. The unit is designed with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, allowing users to quickly set up and monitor their experiment. It is also a very reliable workstation; the temperature of the chamber is accurate and does not require frequent calibration. This ensures that the data collected is of high quality and reproducible. The machine is also equipped with high-resolution optical microscopes and vision computers, providing the user with powerful inspection capabilities and the ability to measure geometry with sub-micron accuracy. The tool helps ensure that the devices are manufactured with great precision, and that they meet the required specifications. Overall, SlimKIC II is an advanced wafer testing and metrology solution, designed to provide detailed information about the electrical and physical characteristics of the sample, while also providing accurate thermal and metrology capabilities. It is an ideal solution for semiconductor manufacturers looking to improve their yield and reliability.
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