Used KLA / TENCOR 1011 ACE #165385 for sale

ID: 165385
Wafer prober, parts machine.
KLA / TENCOR 1011 ACE is a wafer testing and metrology equipment, designed to provide precise measurements of wafer die thickness and dimensions. The system is a cost-effective, closed-loop inspection and metrology solution. It combines advanced algorithms, specialist software and sophisticated hardware capabilities, allowing the user to accurately measure and inspect the physical features of patterned wafers. The unit features a top-of-the-range light source and vision machine, which together enable the tool to detect small-scale defects, such as isolated thinning, at a high level of resolution. Its motorised stage allows the sampling of multiple die simultaneously during measurement, minimising the characterisation time needed and improving throughput. The asset also offers a wide array of measurement modes, such as 2D, 3D, and angled measurements, ensuring comprehensive metrology information. The model offers a number of connectivity and data-access options, allowing the user to both view/analyse data from remote locations and store large volumes of acquired data and results. The equipment can also be equipped with an advanced defect imaging, reviewing, classification and analysis software package, allowing the technician to quickly identify, characterise and classify any defects. The system is comprehensively quality-tested and comes with a range of pre-calibrated, certified metrology features. It is also extremely versatile, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes and procedures. Overall, KLA 1011 ACE unit is an incredibly advanced, versatile and cost-effective wafer testing and metrology machine, capable of delivering extremely precise and accurate measurement results. The tool can help organisations to minimise wafer defect rates and develop higher yielding products, ensuring that technologies remain ahead of the competition.
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