Used KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN #129994 for sale

ID: 129994
Wafer Size: 2-4"
Wafer inspection system, 2"-4".
KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN is an automated high-resolution inspection and metrology equipment that is specifically designed for the semiconductor industry. It is used to test and inspect failed, or non-functional, silicon wafers and photomasks. The system is capable of measuring the electrical characteristics and topography of the wafer's front and back sides. The unit is also capable of accurately pinpointing and isolating defects, whether they are due to a micro-loading, contamination, or a physical defect. KLA 4000 SURFSCAN uses a proprietary pulse-flasher light source to quickly scan the silicon surface and detect defects. The light source produces a repeatable flash of light which can be adjusted to tailor the visualization just right for the observed material. The machine uses a tap alignment sensor that allows the exact orientation of the wafer and mask to be determined. This is an important feature for metrology applications, where speed and accuracy are the top priority. TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN also has a high-resolution microscope tool, capable of magnifying the sample material up to 2000x. The microscope asset is equipped with a digital camera and image-processing software, which can detect defects that are as small as 6 micro-microns wide. It is capable of obtaining inspection results in less than one second. 4000 SURFSCAN is equipped with a CCD imaging module, which can accurately capture images of defects and analyze them with X-ray software. This feature allows a quick and accurate assessment of the defect in question and can be used to quickly provide feedback to the production engineer. KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN also comes with an inline wafer defroster, which can remove any contamination that has been caused due to the depositing processes. The model also features an "eye-safe" laser, which allows the equipment to precisely and quickly scan across the wafer surface and detect any residue, contamination, or flaws. KLA 4000 SURFSCAN can be used in a variety of production processes and the system can be easily adjusted from automatic to manual operation. TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN is a powerful and reliable technology that helps to ensure the quality of semiconductor production and is critical in keeping the industry running smoothly and efficiently.
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