Used KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN #131418 for sale

ID: 131418
Wafer Size: 4", 5", 6"
Wafer inspection system Unpatterned wafer Resolution: 0.3 microns at 95% Capture based on latex calibration wafers Substrate Material: Silicon Substrate Thickness: 0.3 - 0.75 mm Substrate size: 4", 5", 6" Throughput up to 60 wafers/hour.
KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN is a equipment designed for advanced wafer testing and metrology. This system provides users with a highly efficient and cost-effective way to measure and inspect a variety of wafer characteristics. The new wafer testing and metrology unit is best known for its advanced hardware, intelligent software, and advanced image analysis capabilities. The machine utilizes a X1 optical microscope to capture images of the sample surface with a large field of view. This feature allows for large area measurements, enabling users to quickly and accurately get the data they need with minimal effort. The X1 microscope is also equipped with an automated focus feature that reduces user errors during measurement. The tool also incorporates a pattern recognition algorithm that allows for automated measurements and defect identifications. This algorithm is designed to detect minute deviations from desired pattern sizes, shapes, and surface topologies. Additionally, the asset features a proprietary software engine that allows for advanced measurements and defect identifications. This software provides users with the ability to define thresholds, set parameters, setup process flows, and perform post processing operations. KLA 4000 SURFSCAN also provides users with a range of other innovative features. For example, it supports a wide range of wafer testing items such as dimensional metrology measurements. Furthermore, it is capable of detecting or localizing most difficult defects on even the most difficult surfaces. The model is also compatible with many standard formats, including STDF, ITRF, and SAW. To ensure high performance, the equipment includes various safety features. This includes an automatic exposure control to maintain optimized imaging levels and a built-in over-voltage protection feature to protect samples from damage. TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN also includes a high-precision vacuum stage that ensures accurate alignment and consistent sample handling. Overall, 4000 SURFSCAN is a reliable and economical wafer testing and metrology system. With its advanced image analysis capabilities and robust software engine, it provides users with a highly efficient and cost-effective way to optimize wafer characteristics and quickly identify defects.
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