Used KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN #3787 for sale

ID: 3787
Unpatterned wafer surface inspection tool Parts system.
KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for high-volume semiconductor production. This system offers the latest technology for patterned and bump-metrology characterization. It is used for defect inspection, critical dimension (CD) measurement and overlay alignment to ensure wafers meet production requirements. The unit has a high precision stage and advanced optics. It operates in a vacuum environment and can measure from device levels to large test chips. The machine also includes a high speed stage expanding the scanning range to 45x faster than standard tools. Its four axis scanning offers user flexibility in a single set up. The tool is equipped with several features that make wafer inspection faster and more accurate. Its embedded architecture accelerates the multiple scans needed for a complete metrology. It also has onboard data analytics for accelerated characterization for wafer defects. Additionally, it offers on-site hardware upgrades when needed. KLA 4000 SURFSCAN has an intuitive, graphical user interface to simplify user interaction with the asset. Advanced pattern recognition, real-time analytics, and a range of reporting tools allow users to create inspection reports with ease. The model also has a range of automatic modes that increase throughput while reducing total cost of ownership. It is capable of measuring small features and complex geometries with repeatable accuracy. Additionally, its low-damaging light sources enable wafer measurements without negatively affecting device performance. The equipment offers advanced metrology capabilities. It can measure a range of features and structures, including nanostructures, critical dimensions, overlay alignment, line widths and shapes. The system uses multiple probe technologies to acquire high-resolution images and perform comprehensive analysis. TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN provides flexible, powerful testing and metrology for the manufacturing process. Its wide range of measurement capabilities and high precision makes it an ideal solution for high-volume wafer inspection and characterization.
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