Used KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN #9160808 for sale

ID: 9160808
Unpatterned wafer inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for inspecting semiconductor wafers for physical defects, electrical shorts, and parameter compliance to reduce cost of manufacture and improve product quality. It utilizes several technologies, including laser scanning, Optical Scattering, Magneto-Optic Profilometry, Scatterometry and 2D image Sensor Metrology. The system integrates various automation techniques, such as machine vision, robotics, and process control to accurately and efficiently measure the electrical characteristics of a wafer's layers, line widths, thicknesses, and other features. The integrated unit also includes high speed scanning, advanced software control, and device testing and inspection capabilities. The Surfscan 4000 machine contains several hardware components, including an Automated Probe Station to enable testing of wafers to be done quickly and accurately. The tool also includes several data collection instruments such as Scanning Laser Interferometer (SLI), Electrical Test Fixture (ETF), specialized cameras, and an Analysis Processor to analyze the collected data. The asset also includes process control software to allow accurate replication of testing procedures, as well as software features to enable error detection. The optical model of the Surfscan 4000 also includes several components, such as a Reflection Contour Illumination Equipment (RCIS), which provides a uniform and adjustable field of illumination along the wafer's surface. This enables the system to accurately measure surface profile, line widths, angle measurements, CD non-uniformity, and other features. The unit is designed to be used with any type of wafer, from silicon, to gallium arsenide, and other materials. The Surfscan 4000 is capable of measuring and evaluating complex wafer structures, including 3D structures and is suitable for cost-effective wafer inspection. The machine is also able to be configured for both single wafer and batch processing. It can be used for inspection in high-volume manufacturing lines and is capable of providing high performance, high-precision results which can be used in quality control or for research and development. Overall, KLA 4000 SURFSCAN is an advanced, automated wafer testing and metrology tool designed to reduce cost of manufacture and enhance product quality. It is capable of performing fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements of electrical characteristics, line widths, thicknesses, and other features to ensure that the wafer's components meet industry and customer requirements.
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