Used KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN #9248058 for sale

ID: 9248058
Wafer Size: 6"
Wafer inspection system, 6".
KLA / TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for process control in microelectronics manufacturing. The system is based on quad-cell optical and interferometric imaging principles, enabling high-precision surface imaging and metrology of small features for analysis and control. The unit's optical platform obtains multiple images of the wafer through a variety of microscope objectives and laser beams, which allow for 3D metrology and automated defect detection. By using bright field, dark field, scatter and total laser intensity microscopy, KLA 4000 SURFSCAN can detect defects and anomalies on the level of individual atoms. It also has the capability to measure and record parameters such as film thickness and critical dimensions at different depths for process control. The machine automatically characterizes, classifies, and measures defects across the entire wafer with nanometer level resolution. Its high throughput allows for fast and efficient diagnostics of wafers, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify, analyze, and address process-related defects and anomalies. Additionally, the tool has a variety of data analysis software packages, including a suite of advanced report-writing applications for quickly generating detailed, comprehensive reports. TENCOR 4000 SURFSCAN offers a range of automated and manual wafer testing and analysis functions. Its advanced stage automation and automated handling asset allows for automated wafer loading, unloading, and positioning. The model also utilizes a wide range of hardware capabilities, such as its dual-laser imaging equipment, 6 axis motorized stages, and automatic wafer swap-out, for precise wafer handling and positioning. Its integrated motion control system enables wafer scanning and step-and-repeat operations for precise wafer orientation on other metrology or inspection systems. 4000 SURFSCAN is designed to measure and control a wide range of surface parameters for process control. Its advanced and proprietary wafer-based imaging feature allows for surface inspection of anti-reflective coatings, chemical mechanical polishes, polygon shapes, flatness and curvature parameters, lithography registration accuracy, and other large area measurements. The unit has a wide range of defect detection settings, including automated search, reporting, scan area, critical dimension, and defect size, to provide comprehensive defect analysis. The machine is fully compliant with global industry standards and comes with a number of optional features, including software macros and image analysis software. It has excellent vibration immunity and is designed to operate in cleanrooms with ISO 5 classifications. The tool is designed for maximum accuracy and reliability, making it suitable for use in high-precision production lines.
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