Used KLA / TENCOR 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN #9105698 for sale

ID: 9105698
Wafer Size: 6" - 8"
Particle inspection systems, 6" - 8" 4500: up to 6" at .21 micron 5500: up to 8" at .20 micron.
KLA / TENCOR 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides industry-leading accuracy and resolution for analysis of electrical, optical and chemical parameters. It is used to detect and monitor defects on semiconductor wafers, thin film substrates, masks, and photomasks. KLA 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN system offers powerful applications in a variety of testing and metrology processes, including automated wafer mapping, defect detection, in-depth analyses, and defect review and classification. The unit can be configured with either optical, electrical, or chemical testing options to offer versatile performance across a range of applications. The high-end optical testing equipment of TENCOR 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN machine utilizes advanced algorithms for inspecting the entire surface of a wafer and detecting finer defects and features than any other technology available in the market. Moreover, it offers an electrical testing tool with a variety of probes that are designed to measure electrical characteristics of active structures. The asset can also be used for advanced metrology purposes, such as scanning and imaging the surface features of the wafers. Furthermore, 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN model provides a number of features and tools that facilitate defect review and feature analysis. For example, the scan and review module offers zooming capabilities to enable users to inspect features down to the pixel level. In addition, the equipment is capable of automatically generating defect reports and analysis for detailed data analysis and comparison across the wafer. KLA / TENCOR 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN provides cutting edge technology for optimizing wafer design, improving manufacturing yields, and providing fast, comprehensive inspection capability. With its powerful performance and advanced features, KLA 4500 / 5500 SURFSCAN is the perfect choice for advanced wafer testing and metrology applications.
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