Used KLA / TENCOR 5000 #6428 for sale

ID: 6428
KLA / TENCOR 5000 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides an array of technologies in order to increase production throughput, improve quality control and boost yield. It is an integrated, automated wafer metrology system capable of automating critical front-end manufacturing processes such as defect inspection, review and classification, critical dimension measurement and on-wafer measurements. KLA 5000 unit boasts a suite of integrated tools to automate and control the different stages of device measurement. The main components of the machine include: a charge-coupled device (CCD) for wafer imaging, a prober with a 6-axis motorized arm for automated wafer probing, a metrology controller with a touch screen interface, a vision library for defect detection and classification, a laser interferometer for dimensional measurements, an environmental chamber for temperature, humidity and pressure control, and a thermal microscopy chamber for precision imaging. The tool has been designed to handle a variety of materials and processes, including low-k dielectric films, advanced packaging substrates, MEMS devices, nanostructured materials and strained substrates. Moreover, each part of the asset is designed to be digital, making it possible to transfer metrology data between different locations, such as the wafer fab, the test laboratories or the customer sites. In this way, customers can view, analyze and manage their data quickly and easily. In combination with its advanced defect detection, review and classification technology, TENCOR 5000 model provides valuable knowledge about device performance. This makes it possible to characterize defect behavior and identify manufacturing process variations and weaknesses. Additionally, by combining CDSEM and AFM technologies, it is able to obtain high-resolution imaging that enables accurate analysis of complex structures. With its suite of advanced technologies and its automated control, 5000 equipment can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of front-end manufacturing processes, enabling customers to produce high-quality devices and to solve yield-limiting problems in a more cost-effective manner.
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