Used KLA / TENCOR 5010 #9083811 for sale

ID: 9083811
Defect inspection.
KLA / TENCOR 5010 is a powerful wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to meet current and future needs of semiconductor fabrication. This system offers industry-leading precision, accuracy and speed, enabling fast, repeatable evaluation and analysis of wafers. It is equipped with an automated loading unit, enabling it to work with up to cassette sizes up to 8-inch and analyze up to 50 wafers per hour. KLA 5010 features advanced metrology and wafer testing capabilities, including optical and electrical inspection, plus defect classification and analysis. It integrates four main components: the scanning machine, an automated wafer handling, an In-line Process Control (IPC) module, and an integrated measurement station. The scanning tool employs an optoelectronic imaging asset that captures reflectance, transmitted light, fluorescence, and polarization information. This is combined with non-destructive measurement technology that is capable of simultaneously analyzing multiple films, including thin, thick, and stepped films, in a variety of geometries. The wafer handling model is capable of both edge scanning and random scanning that minimizes distortion, while maintaining the highest precision for measurements. It can be configured to handle different cassette sizes and wafer/tape types, including those mounted in wafer rings, with manual or motorized lidded cassettes, and drain plates. The equipment also supports data mapping using the the Quantum Interface Pixel Map (QIPM), which allows users to quickly and accurately locate points and defects on the wafer. The IPC module offers an efficient means of controlling the quality of the wafers and is suitable for both front-end and back-end wafer sorting. The integrated measurement station provides metrology features such as automated center probing, 3-point and spot probes, high-precision edge scanning and further analyzing capabilities. TENCOR 5010 is the ultimate combination of wafer testing and metrology, ensuring a fast, accurate and repeatable quality control process. This system meets today's requirements for sophisticated and effective wafer measurement processes.
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