Used KLA / TENCOR 5015 #9003106 for sale

ID: 9003106
Overlay metrology system.
KLA / TENCOR 5015 is a leading-edge equipment for the wafer testing and metrology. It offers advanced scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging technologies for observing and measuring the parameters of device structures on semiconductor wafers. This system is able to capture extremely detailed images of the structure of devices, such as bridge and gate structures, with a resolution as high as 5 nanometers. KLA 5015 is offered in several configurations for evaluating different types of devices. The chamber can be configured with two or three ports for the electron beam, enabling multi-beam imaging and metrology for large samples at once. The unit leverages patented image processing algorithms to accurately detect and measure device features, allowing very high throughput and excellent repeatability when performing measurements. TENCOR 5015 is equipped with a high current beam source, automated calibration, full machine monitoring, and advanced off-axis illumination systems for producing multiple views of a sample. Additionally, in-situ recipe-controlled wafer stage enables automated thermal testing sequences to be performed. 5015 is also integrated with a statistical process control engine and a comprehensive suite of software packages to enable fast and accurate results for complex device layers and structures. The tool includes fully integrated cleanroom filters, temperature and humidity sensors, and other features to ensure the cleanliness of the environment and the repeatability of results. The termperature on KLA / TENCOR 5015 always stays controlled at an optimal range for accurate imaging. The high current beam source of the asset ensures that very thin lines can be accurately scanned. The integrated sample handling systems automate the loading and unloading of wafers with precise vision systems and dedicated chamber loading. The model's automated functionality ensures minimal labor and improved efficiency. KLA 5015 is an excellent equipment when working with the most advanced technologies such as multi-voltage imaging, yield statistics analysis, automated defect locating, and other new processes. Moreover, its extensive software package reduces the cost of ownership by enabling complex imaging and metrology tasks to be performed quickly and accurately. The system reduces the need for reviewing images, and provides traceable data on all device parameters. This unit is an ideal choice for most wafer manufacturing operations.
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