Used KLA / TENCOR 5015XP #9105783 for sale

ID: 9105783
Vintage: 2000
Overlay metrology system CD Measurement capability Currently stored in cleanroom 2000 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR 5015XP is a technologically advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to improve yield, reduce cycle time, and increase cost savings for semiconductor manufacturers. By combining market-leading artificial intelligence and high-resolution aerial imaging, KLA is able to accurately identify, inspect, and measure the characteristics of each individual chip on the wafers being processed. The system is designed to be highly accurate in measuring the shape and size of each individual chip and inspecting the chips surfaces. It is equipped with an intuitive user-friendly interface, so operators can quickly and easily set up testing parameters and adjust metrology parameters on the fly. The unit is also equipped with a proprietary analytical package, coined Next Generation Edge Detection (NGED), which allows for edge detection analysis for precise measurements. This allows operators to analyze wafers at multiple points, rather than just a single point, with each chip being accurately analyzed at an individual level. The machine also features a low noise, high-precision motion tool, with a low-vibration air-bearing design that allows for smooth and precise positioning of the wafers being processed. Additionally, the asset utilizes a high-speed data acquisition model for faster data collection, as well as metrology-grade cameras capable of capturing high resolution images of each individual die. KLA 5015XP allows operators to simultaneously measure a variety of die characteristics, including edge definition, die size, symmetry, flatness, circularity, area, perimeter, and critical dimensions. The equipment is also seamlessly integrated with Etch, Diffusion, Lithography, and RoundRobin software, allowing for seamless post-processing and post-production alignment of data. Finally, the system is highly reliable due to the maintenance assistance alert unit, which alerts operators in real-time if any maintenance is required. This helps keep downtime to an absolute minimum, allowing for increased productivity and improved cost savings.
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