Used KLA / TENCOR 5100 #9043939 for sale

ID: 9043939
Overlay inspection system, 8".
KLA / TENCOR 5100 is a high-end wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for production-level process control and data analysis. It combines the features of several different existing pieces of test equipment to create an integrated system capable of remarkably accurate, rapid and reliable testing. KLA 5100 is based on a quad-beam tool that measures wafer features with four laser encoders to enable ultra-precise feature measurement in a single scan. A number of different types of encoder processing systems can be installed, creating exceptional flexibility and measurement accuracies for both electrical and optical measurements. It is constructed with an advanced process chamber to protect sensitive instrumentation from process-related materials, dust and airborne contaminates. This also allows for the integration of doped wafers, ion implantation and other process tools. TENCOR 5100 has an extremely large process window, allowing for much higher throughput than available with a single beam unit. The integrated imaging machine of 5100 can be used to capture images of the wafer with high resolution and fast scan times. This makes it very easy to quickly identify important feature characteristics and potential process abnormalities. KLA / TENCOR 5100 also features high-end metrology capabilities such as advanced alignment systems, high magnification optics and lateral metrology. This allows for the precision measurement of small features, such as critical dimension (CD), as well as for the evaluation of electrical performance characteristics. Finally, KLA 5100 uses complex software to collect the results of the process, test and metrology steps, and analyze them in order to ensure the most optimal and reliable process. This makes it possible to quickly identify any process problems that may arise, and take corrective measures to resolve them. TENCOR 5100 is an extremely high performance wafer testing and metrology tool that brings the advantages of flexibility, accuracy, throughput and analysis to productions floors. It is an ideal asset for the evaluation, improvement and optimization of wafer processes.
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