Used KLA / TENCOR 5100 #9182972 for sale

ID: 9182972
Inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR 5100 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides efficient and reliable determination of wafer parameters. This system is designed to quickly measure and analyze a range of critical dimensions, topography parameters, surface roughness, and other critical wafer characteristics. KLA 5100 uses sophisticated optics and optical deformation sensing technology to accurately capture data about the wafer's characteristics. The unit features a high-resolution CMOS imaging camera, high-resolution spectrometer, high accuracy encoder, high precision stepper motor for wafer motion, and a multi-channel signal processing machine for accurate measurements. The tool is capable of mapping the profile of the wafer at high speed, in-depth, and with accuracy. It can detect any changes in topography due to etching or thinning of the wafer's surface. The advanced optics of the asset can measure the topography of the surface, while the high-resolution CMOS camera can scan the surface to detect feature sizes, heights, and locations. TENCOR 5100 is equipped with a sophisticated signal processing model to measure the profile parameters of the wafer. This equipment features a multi-channel signal processing system that can detect wafer characteristics with accuracy and speed. The unit also features a precision air bearing that ensures accuracy of the measurement data. The data collected by the machine is used to analyze the critical characteristics of the wafer. The analysis includes a full review of feature size, feature shape, feature surface roughness, surface profile, feature location, and other parameters. This data helps manufacturers diagnose wafer problems quickly and optimize the process to improve product quality. Overall, 5100 is a highly efficient and reliable wafer testing and metrology tool that offers advanced features for quick analysis and accurate measurement. It ensures high-quality wafer production by providing real-time data on the critical characteristics of the wafer.
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