Used KLA / TENCOR 5100 #9216348 for sale

ID: 9216348
Wafer Size: 8"
Inspection system, 8".
KLA / TENCOR 5100 is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to facilitate an efficient production workflow. KLA 5100 platform is a full-field, backside (non-contact) surface inspection and measurement system, with the ability to achieve comprehensive, reliable defect detection and accuracy without the need for constant manual operation. TENCOR 5100 utilizes advanced imaging technology and powerful imaging analysis software to provide inspection and defect metrology data. The imaging subsystem is designed for maximum defect detection and accuracy. A fast-scanning laser line reticle, telecentric optics, and high-resolution interline transfer CCD provide full-field coverage of a wide variety of wafer types. The entire 5100 platform can be fully automated with the addition of optional robotics. The wafer can be transferred from a loadport to KLA / TENCOR 5100's chuck and then inspected by the unit with maximum efficiency. When manually operated, KLA 5100's ergonomic design allows operators to remain positioned close to the inspection area in a comfortable, ergonomic position with standard ergonomic tools and features. The advanced metrology platform enables precise survey and analysis of the wafer's condition and critical dimensions. KLA advanced features such as auto-routing, waterdrop defect count, area-of-interest measurement and scrolling front-surface mapping provide comprehensive analysis of a wide variety of wafer types with reliable accuracy. TENCOR 5100 also features a powerful software interface. It allows configuration and control of all machine parameters, data acquisition, image analysis, and report generation. The comprehensive on-board defect analysis tools provide rapid defect categorization from both sides of the wafer for improved characterization. 5100 is suitable for high volume production environments, and designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance. The tool is also expandable and upgradeable, enabling users to customize it as needed. Additionally, KLA / TENCOR 5100 is available in a variety of configurations to meet the specific needs of different products and industries.
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