Used KLA / TENCOR 5107XP #9101479 for sale

ID: 9101479
System Currently de-installed & warehoused.
KLA / TENCOR 5107XP is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide accurate and comprehensive measurements of critical device parameters on semiconductor wafers. It features a high precision optical metrology engine, capable of performing multiple measurement tasks such as surface profiling, imaging, detailing, and pattern recognition. The system can also generate meaningful analysis to identify non-uniform regions or features on the surface of the wafer. KLA 5107XP utilizes KLA proprietary WaveFront Technology, which allows for accurate reflections and refractions of light, resulting in a highly detailed and resolution rich surface map. This combination of optical components and computer algorithms enable TENCOR 5107XP to detect even the smallest variations in surface features present on the wafer. Additionally, 5107XP's sophisticated electronics and processing capabilities extend to the integration of complex software commands. These allow for scanning, mapping, and full statistical analysis of the data being examined, further enriching the output levels of the unit. The machine's powerful ASIC and Real Time Image Analysis routines enable KLA / TENCOR 5107XP to analyze, classify, and extract pertinent measurement information from wafer data quickly and accurately. This enables users to achieve reliable results in less time, and in accordance with very tight process requirements. Additionally, KLA 5107XP's powerful software suite allows users to customize both the data parsing and analysis routines, allowing users to tailor the tool to fit their specific requirements. In conclusion, TENCOR 5107XP is a workhorse of wafer testing and metrology. With its high-precision optical metrology engine, WaveFront Technology, and powerful software suite, 5107XP provides comprehensive and accurate measurements of critical device parameters on semiconductor wafers.
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