Used KLA / TENCOR 5200 #9213909 for sale

ID: 9213909
Overlay measurement system.
KLA / TENCOR 5200 Wafer Testing and Metrology Equipment is a complete solution for process, defect, analysis and data management. The system is designed to maximize performance, reliability and throughput while improving wafer-level yields and product quality. The unit incorporates a high-throughput, 512-channel spatially selectable TEMax-II Detection Module (TEMax-II DM) to enable fast and accurate detection of important process variation, aberrations, and electrical characteristics across the wafer. This is combined with advanced process monitoring through the WaferfluxTM Process Control Module, which is capable of regulating process temperature and flow in a closed-loop fashion. With advanced Scan-and-MatchTM software-driven feature recognition technology, the machine rapidly detects and quantifies patterns across the wafer for fast, accurate yield analysis and process optimization. Further, KLA 5200 Wafer Testing and Metrology Tool is engineered to provide best-in-class accuracy and precision, offering precision down to 1nm pixel-by-pixel and speed up to 5,000tests/second. It can analyze up to six different physical-electrical parameters per pattern per die, with results stored in a database for easy retrieval. The intuitive user interface and operator-friendly features provides customizable access levels, easy data entry management and easy data interchangeability with other systems. TENCOR 5200 asset comes with a host of powerful analysis and fault traceability capabilities. It provides multiple signal-detection algorithms and pattern recognition software to identify and isolate defects across the wafer. It also supports integration with fault-isolation systems such as automated-defect-recognition (ADR), die-level failure analysis (DLA), and integrated-circuit test-measurement systems (TMMS), to enable comprehensive and accurate yield characterization and defect analysis. In the end, 5200 Wafer Testing and Metrology Model is a comprehensive solution for process monitoring and analysis, with an easy-to-use interface, advanced detection and analysis capabilities, and high-accuracy and high-throughput capabilities for fast, accurate yield analysis and defect diagnosis. This equipment has become increasingly popular in the semiconductor industry, where process variation and accuracy are of paramount importance. With its features, it is ideal for medium- to high-volume production operations and for research and development.
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