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KLA / TENCOR 6220 Surfscan
ID: 9213911
Wafer inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR 6220 Surfscan is a wafer testing and metrology equipment specifically designed to meet the needs of semiconductor fabrication and research and development industries, giving users the ability to quickly and accurately identify potential process and material problems on wafers. The system combines the best of both optical and contact based metrology techniques to provide advanced wafer surface imaging capabilities, enabling users to measure and identify features down to the nanometer scale. KLA 6220 Surfscan can be used to inspect wafer topography across a wide range of processes, such as lithography, polishing treatment, reflection measurement, etching, and spin coating. It has a patented two-dimensional scan technology that uses a low power, fixed wavelength laser to capture image data from the illuminated area and then process this information to identify the surface features of the wafer being tested. TENCOR 6220 Surfscan can measure both roughness and contour of the sample in a single scan, providing data on multiple parameter types such as feature size, shape, texture, and depth. 6220 Surfscan has a Class 10 clean room environment compliant Integrated Vision Unit (IVS) which ensures a contaminant-free operation environment and provides maximum throughput. This machine is operated through the optional KLT-1617 self-contained touchscreen Windows-based software which provides real-time feedback as well as providing access to a range of automatic measurement capabilities. KLA / TENCOR 6220 Surfscan offers a range of advantages to its users, including improved reliability, faster measurements, and greater accuracy. Its advanced measurement techniques allow it to detect electromagnetic interference on wafers, making it a valuable tool for identifying defects. KLA 6220 Surfscan is also highly modular and upgradable, allowing users to add additional components such as a reflectometer, microscope, or fluorescence systems, as required. In summary, TENCOR 6220 Surfscan is an advanced, high-performance wafer testing and metrology tool offering its users the ability to identify features quickly and accurately, with reliable operation and modularity to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor fabrication and research and development industries.
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