Used KLA / TENCOR 6220 Surfscan #9223462 for sale

KLA / TENCOR 6220 Surfscan
ID: 9223462
Defect inspection system PSL Calibration wafers CE Marked.
KLA / TENCOR 6220 Surfscan is an automated, high-precision wafer testing and metrology equipment that provides powerful, repeatable, and accurate results to meet the highest standards of quality control and wafer production. It is designed for semiconductor, MEMS, and photovoltaic applications in research and development and high-volume production environments. Specifically, the Surfscan 6220 system can measure wafer flatness, wafer warpage, as well as the critical dimensions of dies on wafers. It also provides critical reports and data for process control, unit characterization, failure analysis, and design/process optimization. The Surfscan machine is composed of a vision tool, a stage, and a wafer handler. The vision asset includes a powerful CCD laser-reflection based autofocus unit and a robust defect-detection algorithm to ensure that measurements are highly accurate and repeatable. The stage consists of an advanced feedback topography and a high-resolution optical sensor, while the wafer handler provides fast measurement times by quickly loading, unloading, and moving substrates from the vision model to the stage automatically. To use the equipment, a wafer is first loaded into the handler and placed into the vision system. After the autofocus and detection process, the wafer is placed on the stage, where it is scanned with a coherent light source. The reflected light is collected and cleaned for further analysis. When data is collected, it is analyzed using algorithms to measure flatness, warpage and other key parameters. The results of the measurements are collected in a report, which contains the wafer topography, critical dimensions, and other important wafer characteristics. Furthermore, maintenance and calibration routines are automated for increased consistency in the results. Overall, KLA/Tencore KLA 6220 Surfscan provides users with powerful and repeatable wafer testing and metrology data to meet the highest quality control requirements. It is highly reliable, accurate, and easy to use, making it an excellent addition to any wafer production line.
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