Used KLA / TENCOR 7000 Surfscan #9037841 for sale

ID: 9037841
Vintage: 1991
Patterned wafer contamination analyzer. Wafer surface scanner particle inspection (3) Time count meters: 57132.86, 604, 25761 (1) HP Hewitt Packard PaintJet (Model: 3630A) (1) Cyonics laser power supply (1) Qualidyne power supply (Model: QML) Push latch unlocking mechanism along bottom door 1991 vintage..
KLA / TENCOR 7000 Surfscan is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that offers advanced automation and metrology capabilities. It has been designed to provide repeatable results and increased throughput for semiconductor devices. The system is used to measure critical parameters such as line width, overlay, CD, etc. of integrated circuit (IC) wafers with high precision and accuracy. It is a fully automated unit with a modular design for efficient operation and easy upgrade. It consists of a CCD sensor for imaging wafers, the main frame for metrology and a robotic transfer machine for precise alignment of wafers. The CCD sensor includes the latest technologies for 3D profiling as high as 8µm. It is also equipped with an iris illumination tool which ensures the correct illumination of the measures. KLA 7000 Surfscan provide a wide variety of wafer measurements in single chip, multi-die and bump structures, up to layers 40. It combines 3D nanosurf metrology and a cluster of IBIS test keys into a single, configurable asset. This enables process control and fault-finding in high-volume manufacturing lines. Its fast and reliable metrole-calibration makes the model ideal for production lines where flexibility and high throughput are required. TENCOR 7000 Surfscan is also highly expandable, and features multiple test modes to cover traditional and emerging technologies. It can be fitted with different options like in-situ OTP or Overdrive testing to measure the power yield at various lot levels. It also supports multiple overlay and inspection optics like semireflective or concave optics. Overall, 7000 Surfscan is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology equipment for semiconductor production applications. It offers high accuracy and repeatability, high throughput, flexibility, and scalability. Its modular design makes it easy to integrate with existing equipment and its advanced metrology capabilities help to keep production lines up todate and reliable.
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