Used KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan #144898 for sale

KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan
ID: 144898
Wafer Size: 6"
KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment. It is adopted in the semiconductor industry to monitor the surface quality across the wafer to ensure optimal surface conditions for the chips that will be integrated in it. KLA 7700 Surfscan is one of the most reliable wafer testing systems in operation today. It is capable of providing highly accurate measurements such as surface thickness, profiles, textures, and optical scattering. This system allows users to measure the profile of a sample surface, the surface contour for irregularity purposes, and the depth of contaminants in the surface samples. TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is a multi-functional unit that allows users to perform many different measurements. It is equipped with five different testing modes which include profile measurements, 2D-measurement, 1D-measurement, scatterometry, and image analysis. Through the use of these testing modes, 7700 Surfscan is able to measure nanoscale structures, wrinkles, scratches, and other irregularities that can cause problems in various semiconductor devices. KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan can also be used to perform a variety of semiconductor process monitoring applications, such as wafer mass caliibration/thickness, test wafer-specific parameters, and monitor development application trends over time. This machine allows users to measure dimensions, such as critical dimension (CD) of the sample surface, average line widths, average contacts, and other metrology related information. KLA 7700 Surfscan is supported by a world-class service organization that provides training for specific users, software and hardware installation, and preventive maintenance. This tool is equipped with advanced features such as Auto Detection and Self-Correcting Tuning to enable fast scanning capabilities, as well as high accuracy and repeatability. In conclusion, TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is an advanced wafer testing and metrology asset that is designed to provide highly accurate measurements for semiconductor applications. Through its advanced features, users are able to detect and measure very small dimensions that can cause problems in the manufacturing process. It is a reliable and dependable model that is supported by a world-class service organization.
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