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KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan
ID: 9042217
Patterned wafer surface inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan equipment is a surface testing and metrology system designed for precise measuring, inspection and characterization of advanced microelectronic substrates (wafers). It provides wafer surface analysis on wafer thickness and flatness, feature size, surface finish/texture and cleanliness. This unit is capable of measuring at both the macro and nano scales with high accuracy. KLA 7700 Surfscan machine captures wafer pattern data using both 3D optical and 2D optical techniques. The 3D optical technique captures topographical surface data of the wafer which allows for the measurement of micro defects such as scratches, bumps and hillocks. The 2D optical technique captures data from a flat field of view of the wafer and measures overall pattern uniformity or 'flatness'. The tool is powered by high performance analysis technology which is capable of measuring features as small as 0.2μm in size. TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is also equipped with advanced image visualization and analysis tools which allow for easier data interpretation. Data generated by the 7700 will be analyzed by proprietary algorithms and statistical models, which help to verify product performance and yield across processing and production steps. By conducting automated measurements in situ, 7700 Surfscan helps to reduce the risk of human error and variability while increasing throughput and production yield. In addition, the asset includes auto-focus technology to streamline calibration procedures, and integrates advanced pattern recognition for enhanced recognition of device features. Overall, KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is an ideal model for wafer testing and metrology due to its high accuracy, ability to detect micro defects, automated processes, and advanced image visualization tools. With its capability to accurately measure feature sizes and surface finishes, KLA 7700 Surfscan is an essential tool for wafer fabrication and advanced semiconductor production.
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