Used KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan #9043951 for sale

KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan
ID: 9043951
Wafer Size: 5"
Inspection system, 5".
KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is a highly advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed specifically for semiconductor device fabrication. This system provides greater accuracy, reliability, and throughput than other available metrology methods, making it an ideal choice for any production line. KLA 7700 Surfscan utilizes optical scatterometry and interferometry to measure and analyze the surface of wafers. This unit is capable of measuring the most minute details of the wafer surface with a precision of up to 100nm. It provides a detailed overview of the wafer surface, including detailed information regarding surface roughness, CD, edge beads, pits, cracks, haze and other defects detected. The machine includes a variety of integrated technologies, such as advanced optics, laser diffraction, imaging sensors, and specialized software. It also integrates a variety of industrial optics solutions. This enables the tool to meet the highest standards in performance and reliability. TENCOR 7700 Surfscan asset offers a wide variety of capabilities. This includes a wide angle imaging capability and continuous scanning at high speeds with adjustable resolutions. The model also includes advanced measurement algorithms for measuring feature sizes and resolutions, as well as specialized algorithms for detecting non-uniformities. The equipment is extremely user-friendly and provides intuitive software interfaces with a host of integrated tools. This allows for easy configuration and customization of the system's settings, along with the ability to monitor all activities and results in real-time. 7700 Surfscan unit offers unparalleled performance, accuracy, and reliability in wafer testing and metrology. This machine has been designed specifically to meet the most demanding requirements of semiconductor device fabrication. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for all of your wafer metrology needs.
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