Used KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan #9210336 for sale

KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan
ID: 9210336
Wafer Size: 8"
Wafer inspection system, 8" Parts machine.
KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is a wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for ultra-precision and high-speed wafer inspection. It is a fully automated, self-contained, open-architecture system that is capable of detecting even the most minute of flaws across the entire surface of wafers. It is ideally suited for inspecting and analyzing both IC wafers and reticles. KLA 7700 Surfscan unit utilizes a variety of technologies to deliver precise and accurate results. The machine is equipped with advanced sensing technology to effectively measure surface topography. This includes the use of an ultra-high resolution CCD video camera, an 8" laser microscope, optical profilometers, and both digital and analog imaging systems. TENCOR 7700 Surfscan also features a dynamic wafer autoloader which ensures efficient wafer transport, as well as a flexible robotic scanner ensuring precise wafer examination. 7700 Surfscan offers unmatched performance in the form of intuitive user interface design, fast analysis times, robust hardware, and superior resolution. The tool supports both passive and active imaging operating modes, which enables complete coverage of the wafer surface. Additionally, the self-sensing capabilities of KLA / TENCOR 7700 Surfscan provide precise measurements of step height, profile, surface roughness, particle size, location, and density. KLA 7700 Surfscan is compatible with a variety of wafer sizes, ranging from 200mm to 450mm. It is also fully compliant with the latest SEMI and SEMATECH standards. The asset is capable of capturing highly detailed images of wafers for further analysis. The model includes a range of advanced software features including light filtering, adjustable illumination, contrast and zoom settings, and the ability to collect statistics. Overall, TENCOR 7700 Surfscan is an incredibly powerful and versatile wafer testing and metrology equipment. It offers superior performance and accuracy in the inspection and analysis of IC wafers and reticles. 7700 Surfscan is engineered to deliver maximum reliability and accuracy, making it the perfect choice for any semiconductor production environment.
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