Used KLA / TENCOR 80-00100 #9141855 for sale

KLA / TENCOR 80-00100
ID: 9141855
Film thickness measurement systems P/N: 387-1191.
KLA / TENCOR 80-00100 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment for precise, automated measurement and analysis of thin film layers on semiconductor wafers. The system simulates the actual response of devices on the wafer, enabling the user to quickly and accurately measure the thicknesses and other properties of the films and structures on the wafer. It is also capable of detecting defects caused during the manufacturing process, and supporting qualification and process control operations. KLA 80-00100 unit is comprised of a mainframe and a number of independent head modules, each of which contains the required components for the measurement process. The mainframe features a high-precision optical machine for obtaining the data and data processing. The optics is capable of operating in transmission, reflection, and emission modes, and has been designed to ensure maximum accuracy and repeatability of measurements. The head modules include a motion controller, a scanning motor, optical components, transmission and imaging sensors, and a light source for illumination, which all cooperate to control the position of the head with respect to the wafer. Additionally, the head is capable of mounting a number of accessories and lenses, allowing the user to configure the tool for specific test applications. TENCOR 80-00100 asset is delivered with the software required for test planning and execution. It is capable of carrying out combined film and defect measurements, as well as providing accurate 3D surface and profile mapping of IC structures. The user can also program the model to run operations such as parameter tracking, process monitoring, and the emulation of process recipes. 80-00100 equipment is widely used in the semiconductor industry due to its precision, accuracy, and automated operation. It is highly configurable, and can be adapted to a variety of test applications. It is also regarded for its reliable data output, which provides valuable insights for device development and process optimization.
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