Used KLA / TENCOR AIT 1 #188810 for sale

ID: 188810
Vintage: 1997
Darkfield tool, 1997 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT 1 is an advanced wafer testing and metrology equipment designed specifically to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. The system is designed to analyze a number of different sample types ranging from bare dies, completed devices, through-silicon-vias, and foundry wafers. The wafer testing and metrology unit utilizes a combination of advanced optics, imaging systems, scanning technologies, and computer-controlled automation. Optical microscopes can detect and measure the presence and size of microscopic defects, while imaging technologies capture images of the sample for analysis. An array of optical systems is utilized for high-resolution inspection of electrical features, such as contact pads, micro-bumps, and bond pads. Scanning probe technologies allow detailed analysis of die topography and electrical test structures, such as transistors and diodes. To facilitate automated analysis, KLA AIT 1 machine includes a series of computer-controlled pattern recognition algorithms. These algorithms are able to accurately identify the presence of microscopically small defects that may be difficult to identify with the naked eye. The algorithms are also capable of performing quality control measurements such as counting devices, defect localization, and die-to-die comparisons. The tool incorporates advanced data processing capabilities to process the acquired data. Advanced statistics and analytics methods are used to display and analyze the data in graph and histogram formats, helping to identify any potential issues with a sample. The test results are stored in an integrated database for easy access and review. The asset is designed to provide users with reliable, repeatable results and is capable of analyzing a high sample count with minimal human intervention. This makes TENCOR AIT 1 model an ideal tool for quality control and production line testing. The equipment is equipped with a range of features and options offering high accuracy, fast measurement speed, excellent repeatability, and an easy-to-use interface that helps even novice users quickly become proficient in using the system.
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