Used KLA / TENCOR AIT 1 #9022108 for sale

ID: 9022108
Inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR AIT 1 is a leading wafer testing and metrology equipment designed for the semiconductor industry. It provides a wide range of optical inspection and metrology solutions for silicon wafers, including advanced defect inspection, topography measurement, wafer-level materials characterization, and surface metrology applications. With a host of automations, the system is capable of performing precision measurements faster and more accurately than ever before, giving users increased production efficiency and maximizing profitability in the semiconductor manufacturing processes. KLA AIT 1 is equipped with multiple optical components to perform a range of optical tests, including scanning electron microscopy (SEM), optical bright field imaging (OBFI), spectral imaging (SI), and optical 3D metrology (3DM). The high definition of its mapping algorithms allows for the detection of extremely small and subtle features on the surface of the wafer, enabling extremely precise and accurate defect inspection. It also provides the ability to perform measurements of topography and/or materials in a defined rectangular or circular area on the wafer. Additionally, the unit's software has the capacity for power spectral density (PSD) analysis, allowing for the analysis of large areas of data quickly and accurately and enabling greater precision in the calibration of optical measurements as well as improved defect detection. The advanced suite of inspection and metrology capabilities of TENCOR AIT 1 makes it a powerful and reliable machine for the semiconductor industry. It is capable of performing a wide range of tests including: 3D surface topography characterization, wafer-level alteration testing, die-to-die and layer-to-layer interface defect measurement, non-destructive testing, thin film metrology, and 3D surface profilometry. Moreover, it has the capacity to identify and characterize various types of patterns and defects, including particle contamination and electro-chemical migration, as well as to accurately detect and reconstruct surface materials. AIT 1 also provides users the flexibility to adapt to their specific needs and applications, as it can be easily integrated with external systems and peripheral equipment to further increase its capabilities. Several alignment packages are also available, allowing the tool to accurately align production batches with nanometer precision across multiple wafers. In addition, the asset is designed for proven performance and yields in high-throughput 24/7 operation for high-reliability semiconductor manufacturing applications, and comes with a comprehensive service platform that guarantees users a fast response and easy maintenance. In summary, KLA / TENCOR AIT 1 is a powerful and reliable model designed for the semiconductor industry, offering advanced defect inspection, topography measurement, and wafer-level materials characterization. With its wealth of features and automations, the equipment is capable of providing maximum production efficiency and profitability for semiconductor manufacturing processes.
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