Used KLA / TENCOR AIT II #9227399 for sale

ID: 9227399
Wafer Size: 8"
DFI Inspection system, 8".
KLA / TENCOR AIT II is a state-of-the-art wafer testing and metrology system that is designed to measure and analyze devices on a wafer surface down to nanometric resolutions. It is capable of combining several types of metrology and optical inspection techniques in a single pass. This allows it to identify and measure various shapes, sizes, and characteristics of different devices on the wafer, including transistors, resistors, capacitors, and other semiconductor components. KLA AIT II relies on a combination of high resolution imaging, combined with optical advanced metrology, to achieve nanometer-level resolutions. It is composed of a wafer stage, a 3D microscope assembly, and a main unit that houses the laser optics, camera optics, and a controller. The wafer stage holds the wafer while the 3D microscope assembly features a high-resolution objective lens that can measure the exact position of microscopic features on the wafer. This allows the microscope to accurately measure the shape, size, and other characteristics of elements on the wafer surface. The main unit of TENCOR AIT II houses the optics, including the laser sensor, camera optics, and controller. The laser sensor uses low-power laser light to reveal peculiar features on the wafer surface. This light illuminates the features on the wafer surface in a way that allows the software to detect them. The camera optics allow the user to take photos of the wafer surface, which can be used to create detailed images. Lastly, the controller acts as the "brain" of the system, controlling the operation of the Wafer Stage, 3D Microscope Assembly, and the laser sensor, camera, and optics. AIT II is designed to reduce wafer reclamations and rejections, decrease cycle times, and improve both yields and process control. It can detect features on the order of 88 nanometers or better, with a field of view of 150mm, making it an ideal tool for process and device characterization. It can also be used to identify potential failure modes before they become a problem, and help manufacturers eliminate or reduce future yield losses. Overall, KLA / TENCOR AIT II is an advanced metrology wafer testing and metrology system that can quickly and accurately collect data down to nanometer scale resolutions. It is designed to increase device yields and reduce rejects, making it a valuable investment for manufacturing operations.
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