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ID: 9054841
Wafer inspection system Darkfield.
KLA / TENCOR AIT UV is an advanced tool for wafer testing and metrology that provides the complete solution for the semiconductor industry. It uses high end optics, motion control, and semiconductor technology to evaluate the electrical, physical, and optoelectronic properties of a variety of wafers. The wafer measurement and metrology equipment combines several measurement techniques to determine the yield, performance, and reliability of the wafer. The system includes a number of sophisticated measurement tools and techniques such as spectral measurement, electrical impedance measurement, Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) measurement, capacitance-voltage (CV) measurement, Electrically Field Profiling (EFP), and Optical Interference Measurement (OIM). These measurement capabilities are used to provide accurate and detailed information regarding the wafer's electrical and physical properties, such as thickness, sheet resistance, dopant profiles, and defect size and locations. The advanced wafer mapping capabilities provided by the unit enable the user to inspect individual wafers quickly and accurately over a wide range of spatial scales. The machine is versatile and capable of handling a variety of wafer specifications, such as substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion and bow. The wafer mapping capabilities include the real-time alignment and resolution of wafers with a nanometer accuracy. The tool makes use of a closed loop with intense ultraviolet light sources that provide main-beam optical metrology and a CO2 laser for secondary-beam metrology. The asset also has an in-line wafer-loading module that can handle up to 200 wafers at a time. Additionally, the model includes an element analysis unit, a precision motion control equipment for focusing and positioning of the optical elements, a high-speed signal processor, and a high-speed data acquisition system. In summary, KLA AIT UV wafer testing and metrology unit utilizes several advanced techniques to provide precise measurement and analysis of a variety of wafers. It includes a closed loop machine with intense ultraviolet light sources, an element analysis unit, motion control, and a high-speed data acquisition tool. Furthermore, the asset offers fast and precise wafer mapping capabilities that allow the user to inspect individual wafers quickly and accurately.
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