Used KLA / TENCOR AIT UV #9099586 for sale

ID: 9099586
Defect inspection system, 8" 2002 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT UV is a wafer testing and metrology equipment which uses ultraviolet (UV) light sources to inspect and analyze semiconductor wafers. This system is used in the manufacturing of electronic components such as integrated circuits, memory chips, and transistors. The testing unit utilizes a specially designed large characterization module which inspects and evaluates the physical and optical properties of the sample. KLA AIT UV machine utilizes UV light sources matched to the range of wafers being manufactured. The light source is then used in conjunction with a highly accurate instrumentation package. The instruments measures features parameters such as thickness, sheet resistivity, surface topography, contamination, reflectivity, and doping concentrations. The instrumentation package also has capability to measure the optical properties of the samples such as extinction coefficient, total transmittance, reflectance, and absorbance. The tool is built with an advanced optical imaging asset to measure the resolution of the device structures and features, and is capable of providing high resolution images. The model is further equipped with high sensitivity photodetectors and image acquisition devices to capture the necessary images. A special UV microscope is designed into the equipment to facilitate the accurate measurement and positioning of device structures and features. The microscope is capable of scanning multiple fields of view up to a depth of 25 microns. TENCOR AIT-UV wafer testing and metrology system is also capable of characterizing a variety of sample types. The unit can measure the optical properties of coatings, glasses, and dielectrics. It is also equipped with a state of the art imaging machine that can measure submicron amplitude-frequency characteristics of sample surface structures. Finally, the tool is integrated with advanced software to capture, analyze, and report measurement results quickly and accurately. The software features an intuitive user interface, which allows users to monitor measurements in real-time and manage test data. Data processing and analysis tools can also be used for predictive and advanced quality analysis. In conclusion, AIT-UV is a comprehensive wafer testing and metrology asset which uses ultraviolet light sources to quickly and accurately evaluate physical and optical properties of the sample. It is equipped with a suite of advanced instruments, imaging systems, and software for reliably characterizing samples and gathering measurement data for predictive and advanced quality analysis.
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