Used KLA / TENCOR AIT UV #9124364 for sale

ID: 9124364
Wafer Size: 6"-12"
Automated dark field defect inspection station, 6"-12" For pattern wafers 3-Spot sizes included Standard KLA AIT operator interface monitor Standard KLA AIT operator keyboard Trackball and joystick Standard KLA media devices: FD, CD Drives Operating system: Windows NT CE Marked.
KLA / TENCOR AIT UV is an automated wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to accurately detect and measure defects on semiconductor wafers. It is used to evaluate the quality of wafers to meet the high speed and accuracy requirements of integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing processes. The system is based on advanced optical imaging technology and features two different state-of-the-art optical systems: UV and nano-Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopes. The UV microscope captures image data at high-resolution and low-noise levels, while the FTIR microscope facilitates chemical analysis and the detection of particles on the surface of the wafer. Additionally, it is equipped with an adaptive, self-positioning laser scanning technique and an auto-focusing unit for fast and precise imaging and measurements. KLA AIT UV is designed to be a portable, airborne machine that is capable of measuring a variety of wafer defects, including pits, scratches, particulates, transparent particles, bumps, and warpage. It can also be used to detect anomalies and perform wafer surface analysis. For improved flexibility, the tool includes a variety of tools, such as a driver program, wafer mapping software, and KLA proprietary AlignToVision high-accuracy alignment control. For high data fidelity, the asset incorporates a digital signal processor to support advanced image and data processing. To further improve accuracy, it uses a Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) imaging technology for fine correlations and high resolution measurements. Additionally, TENCOR AIT-UV provides feedback about wafer characteristics, such as contrast, background, sharpness, noise, and outlier detections. Other features of AIT UV include multiple test modes, remote operation through a web interface, robust model fallback protection, and support for various SEMI standards. This equipment is also designed to meet environmental and industrial safety requirements, allowing it to be used in harsh manufacturing environments. All in all, KLA AIT-UV is a powerful quality control system that offers reliable, high-resolution imaging and metrological capabilities at an affordable price. It allows for faster and more accurate measurements and provides detailed feedback and insights for enhanced production efficiency.
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