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ID: 9285844
Darkfield inspection system.
KLA / TENCOR AIT UV is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that measures the electrical properties of wafers at the nanoscale level. It provides automated, non-destructive measurements of wafer electrical properties, such as breakdown voltage, resistance and capacitance, as well as offering a full range of semiconductor metrology capabilities with the same high accuracy. KLA AIT UV system comprises of several components. An Ultra-Violet camera sensor is used to detect semiconductor structures, enabling the automated viewing and testing of individual structures. The camera uses filters to detect different UV wavelengths, providing accurate and repeatable measurements. The unit includes a pulse and bias control unit, used to create a test pulse to the wafer. This pulsed current probe structure (PCPS) is able to accurately detect and measure semiconductor properties, including breakdown voltage and charge collection, on a repeating cycle. TENCOR AIT-UV operates in a number of image modes, including full area imaging, partial area imaging, line scan imaging and image stitching. Each image mode has its own scans, depending on the specific application. For example, partial area imaging is used to measure the performance of a single device on the wafer. Line scan imaging is used to measure the electrical properties of wafers with multiple device elements, such as chipsets. Image stitching is used for larger wafer structures, where the image is split into sub-scans to achieve greater detail. The machine's graphical user interface (GUI) provides real-time visibility into data and how it is affected by wafer test conditions. Analysis is sped up by the tool's multi-channel processing capabilities, allowing the user to review images and edit analysis strategies while still conducting measurements on multiple channels. The Advanced Intelligent Test (AIT) feature enables the automated analysis of test results and recommendations to adjust settings or experiment conditions. Results can be seamlessly stored and mined for further research. AIT UV is a powerful asset used to ensure accurate electrical measurement of wafer structures. Its advanced features ensure accurate imaging, whilst its user-centered design provides accurate, repeatable and reliable data. It is an ideal testing and metrology model for semiconductor research, design and manufacture.
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