Used KLA / TENCOR AIT XP #9047332 for sale

ID: 9047332
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 1999
Wafer inspection system, 8", 1999 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT XP is a world-class wafer testing and metrology equipment designed to provide highly reliable and precise measurements of wafer geometry and topography. The system is an integrated unit designed to combine test accuracy, testing speed, and programmability. It features advanced technologies like automated probe loading, self-monitoring hardware, and advanced algorithms to help achieve the highest level of performance. Using the latest integrated machine architecture, KLA AIT XP includes a high-resolution optics tool for the litho inspection, a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). This integrated asset architecture provides a single platform for metrology and testing on wafers. The improved accuracy and repeatability of the model's measurements compared to other systems available on the market are key benefits. The integrated TENCOR AIT-XP is a modular systems-on-chip (SOC) based unit that includes a laser-diode diode array for improved accuracy, signal-to-noise ratio, and throughput. This equipment also features a high-precision measurement engine, which is integrated into the system's architecture to provide fast, reliable, and repeatable measurements. The instrument's optional feature of automatic wafer alignment allows the unit to detect and correct misalignments with the utmost precision. This helps to deliver reliable and repeatable measurements, while saving time and reducing errors due to human intervention. KLA AIT-XP's comprehensive suite of software provides users with a high degree of flexibility and ease-of-use. This includes the pre-configured measurement software setup and on-demand setup of a range of applications from wafer metrology to test pattern generation. The machine has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) with real-time control and data display capabilities. The GUI also includes customization and analysis capabilities for advanced users. The tool includes a high-performance data capture and storage asset, which helps to ensure accuracy and data security for any test and process. This includes data capture handling, defect database management, and built-in traceability. KLA / TENCOR AIT-XP provides a single solution for applications such as wafer metrology, test pattern generation, defect detection, and review & analysis. It is designed to accommodate multiple test and measurement requirements while still delivering accurate, fast, reliable, and repeatable measurements.
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