Used KLA / TENCOR AIT XP #9204139 for sale

ID: 9204139
Wafer Size: 8"
Wafer inspection system, 8" 1998-2000 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT XP is a highly advanced and industry-leading wafer testing and metrology equipment. This is a full-featured observation system for process and yield analysis of semiconductor wafers. It is equipped with advanced optics, image analysis and vibration-canceling tooling. This makes it the choice for high-precision optical measurements and accurate analysis of wafers. KLA AIT XP is equipped with advanced illumination features, such as a zone-coupled LED illumination unit and a multi-band LED illuminated illuminator, to provide bright and uniform illumination of the sample. This enables better edge definition and improved contrast, which reduces image quality degradation under varying temperature and environmental conditions. TENCOR AIT-XP also uses powerful zoom optics for both optics and image resolution reconstruction, providing improved measurement accuracy. TENCOR AIT XP has a wide range of specialized capabilities for process and yield analysis. It provides advanced CD metrology (CDM) and Point-of-Failure (POF) algorithms for detecting anomalous behavior in the process and pinpoints areas of yield-loss. It also has Scan Map and Focus Map capabilities for quantifying focus specific semi-3D benchmarks such as depth accuracy and for non-contact profilometry. Furthermore, AIT-XP is fully integrated with both KLA and TENCOR Inspection Head Modules (IHM) allowing interface neutrality with a variety of IHM modules to give users flexible and easy integration options. KLA AIT-XP is equipped with powerful vibration-canceling tooling, which gives superior repeatability during metrology and minimizes the influence of vibrations on metrology tools. This machine also provides temperature control, allowing an optimal environment for the measurement of samples and optimizing repeatability. Additionally, KLA / TENCOR AIT-XP is available with the standalone automation environment of KLA / TENCOR PathFinder library. This provides a comprehensive suite of automation tools, including comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI) tools and a robust application programming interface (API). AIT XP wafer testing and metrology tool is a powerful, feature-rich asset for process and yield analysis of semiconductor wafers. From advanced illumination and optics to powerful graphical user interfaces and automation environments, this model provides a full range of highly advanced capabilities for reliable and repeatable test and analysis.
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