Used KLA / TENCOR AIT XUV #9145311 for sale

ID: 9145311
Wafer Size: 8"
Vintage: 2003
Dark field wafer particle inspection system, 8" 2003 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT XUV is a wafer testing and metrology equipment for use in a wide range of industrial and semiconductor applications. It is a specialized imaging and metrology system that is able to accurately measure and inspect a wide range of materials and components. KLA AIT XUV is based on a deep ultraviolet (DUV) synchrotron source and utilizes water-cooled imaging optics and advanced software to produce high-resolution, non-contact images and exact measurements. The unit uses a variety of specialized imaging technologies, such as photolithography, scanning electron microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy. It can also detect property and depth defects while providing precise measurement and characterization of surface features. TENCOR AIT-XUV is designed to be scalable to match different requirements, allowing users to choose the best performance level for their specific application. It is also highly modular in nature, so users can customize and configure the machine to their precise needs. The tool also provides users with a number of automation and software options, such as positional overlay and automated failure analysis. KLA AIT-XUV includes specialized tools for reviewing and measuring parameters such as critical dimensions, surface texture, and overlay accuracy, as well as for inspecting nano-scale defects. It also includes advanced optics and resolutions for identifying and categorizing characteristic features of materials. These tools allow users to analyze the micro- and nano-structures of semiconductor samples with precision. KLA / TENCOR AIT-XUV is suitable for a wide range of industrial and semiconductor applications, thanks to its versatile design and high performance. It is capable of imaging and characterizing fine details and sub-micron features with accuracy. It is also designed to offer reliable and durable operation. It offers excellent flexibility, enabling it to be used in many different contexts, including research, production and quality control.
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