Used KLA / TENCOR AIT #149930 for sale

ID: 149930
Vintage: 1997
Defect inspection system, 8" 1997 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT (Automated Inspection Technology) is a wafer testing and metrology equipment manufactured by KLA, a leading provider of wafer inspection solutions. It is used to inspect the quality of microelectronic devices such as semiconductors during their production, typically at the integrated-circuit (IC) manufacturing stage. The system works by scanning electronic dies (circuit element layers) and measuring the results with a high-resolution microscope. It then automatically compares these images to a defined set of customer-supplied specifications and uses software algorithms to pinpoint any defects. KLA AIT uses a range of integrated state-of-the-art technologies to accurately measure wafers and provide in-depth analysis of manufacturing results, helping identify process and design issues before they lead to product failure. The unit includes a powerful, multi-color microscope that allows operators to examine features as small as 1 micron. It also features a variety of advanced optics, including a spectrometer, a CCD camera, and various optical filters. These enable the microscope to pick up more information about the devices being tested and provide users with highly sensitive metrology data. The machine can also be used with automated optical inspection (AOI) platforms, which are designed to detect defects with unprecedented efficiency by performing quick optical scans of wafers. AOI can help reduce test times, as it can quickly detect issues with a single scan, in contrast to humans who must manually inspect every die. TENCOR AIT utilizes a combination of these AOI and metrology technologies to efficiently inspect, measure, and classify device flaws, providing users with comprehensive analyses of device condition. AIT seamlessly integrates data collection and analysis, physical inspection, and die-level analysis. It provides users with detailed reports and analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions while optimizing the performance of their manufacturing processes. Its intuitive interface and flexible configuration options empower IC manufacturing personnel to achieve consistent levels of process optimization and device quality assurance. With its advanced features and capabilities, KLA / TENCOR AIT is an essential part of any wafer testing and metrology environment. Its combination of robust optics, flexible control software, and user-friendly interface make it an ideal tool for quickly identifying small defects and reducing production costs. By providing reliable analysis and feedback, KLA AIT helps reduce the risk of device failure and ensure that products are produced with consistently high quality.
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