Used KLA / TENCOR AIT #72571 for sale

ID: 72571
Vintage: 1999
Defect inspection system, 8" 1999 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR AIT is a wafer testing and metrology equipment that automates the process of measuring the physical characteristics of semiconductor devices. The system is capable of scanning up to 2000 wafers per hour, providing fast and reliable analysis. Utilizing high speed laser metrology and a picosecond control unit, the machine accurately acquires detailed measurements with precision of ± 0.1 microns. The tool is composed of a number of components, which work together to incorporate non-contact measurement of real time data while scanning across the surface of the wafer. This includes an X-Y stage, the asset's platform, allowing it to be moved across the wafer with accurate positioning. A laser metrology head is used to detect variations in topography, as well as a picosecond control model. Precise measurements are obtained by utilizing four distinct channels: height, variation, width, and planarity. Advancements making KLA AIT equipment stand apart from other wafer testing systems are its high resolution cameras, optimal optics, and proprietary algorithms for wafer recognition, which minimize any measurement errors. It has built-in calibration and verification measurements to check for accuracy in key measurements, such as solderballs and device sidewalls. Apart from its comprehensive measurement capabilities, TENCOR AIT system also features high speed, non-destructive testing and automated process control. This provides engineers and manufacturing personnel with the tools they need to accurately and precisely measure devices, while at the same time adjusting any process parameters that may need changing. Overall, AIT unit is an innovative wafer testing and metrology machine that offers fast and accurate measurements at unprecedented speeds. It is capable of scanning up to 2000 wafers per hour and provides technicians with the necessary tools to correctly measure devices and adjust any parameters. This cutting edge technology enables faster time to market while delivering consistently accurate and reliable numbers.
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