Used KLA / TENCOR Aleris CX #9205119 for sale

ID: 9205119
Film thickness measurement system, 12" 2007 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR Aleris CX is a wafer testing and metrology equipment which is designed to assist manufacturers with quality testing, characterization, and analysis of high-end wafer production processes. KLA Aleris CX is primarily used to monitor and characterize product performance, material characteristics, and process yields. This system can effectively measure the physical characteristics, electrical behavior, and other features of a wafer or other semiconductor chip and obtain reliable performance information and accurate device data. TENCOR Aleris CX is capable of measuring parameters such as dimensions, electrical properties, and appearance. Aleris CX utilizes a wide range of advanced metrology tools and process monitoring systems to collect and analyze data from the wafers. These include automatic probing, cross-sectional inspection, line-edge roughness analysis, particle scanning, and electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). Automated vision systems, image analysis algorithms, and spatial filtering techniques allow for accurate measurement and characterization of wafer features. Furthermore, advanced optical techniques such as confocal microscopy, digital imaging, and stress-stain mapping are used to help determine material composition and other wafer characteristics. The data collected by KLA / TENCOR Aleris CX is analyzed and presented through comprehensive graphical charts and reports. The unit provides managers with detailed insight into product performance and process yields by displaying yield trends, problem areas, defect levels, and other metrics. KLA Aleris CX can be interfaced with existing equipment and software systems to ensure seamless integration into production lines. In addition, TENCOR Aleris CX is also capable of performing self-calibration, which eliminates the need to manually adjust for changing parameters. As a versatile and highly reliable wafer testing and metrology machine, Aleris CX is an ideal solution for organizations seeking advanced wafer analysis and characterization. This tool is capable of collecting and analyzing complex data in a compressed timeframe, allowing companies to identify product defects quickly and accurately. Moreover, KLA / TENCOR Aleris CX can be custom-tailored to meet varied production requirements, helping organizations develop efficient testing procedures and achieve higher yields.
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