Used KLA / TENCOR Alpha Step 500 #9153565 for sale

ID: 9153565
Wafer Size: 6"
Vintage: 2001
Surface profiler, 6" Stylus-based surface profiler adjustable between 1 and 100 mg Computer controlled scanning and data collection High resolution VGA monitor zoom optics Multi-scan average mode scans up to 10 times Standard surface parameters selections: Up to 30 Surface characteristic measurement: With resolution to 1A 2D Metrology profiling: 10Å (1s) Repeatability enables process control: 0.1% 2001 vintage.
KLA / TENCOR Alpha Step 500 equipment is a leading-edge wafer testing and metrology platform designed to provide highly accurate and reliable measurements of the physical characteristics of semiconductor wafers. The system features a precise and robust scanning velocity measurement unit that can accurately measure static nanometer-sized profiles, such as those found under the wafer edge and the backside of the wafer. KLA Alpha Step 500 machine utilizes advanced technology to measure and determine the exact electrical properties of the wafer surface. It can precisely assess both surface and subsurface electrical characteristics of a wafer, giving the end-user a comprehensive understanding of their product. When coupled with KLA ProSphere Data Acquisition and Analysis platform, TENCOR ALPHASTEP 500 provides highly accurate results that are used to help identify, quantify, and mitigate process and product defects on semiconductor wafers. ALPHASTEP 500 is designed to be highly operator-friendly and easy to use. Its intuitive software package, including graphical user interface, allows users to quickly and easily make measurements, analyze data, and view on-screen results. TENCOR Alpha Step 500 also features advanced diagnostics capabilities, allowing users to easily identify defects and areas of improvement. Additionally, the ProSphere package allows for more sophisticated analysis of data, giving users the ability to better identify and analyze trends over time. For maximum reliability, KLA / TENCOR ALPHASTEP 500 tool is designed for flexibility and upgrading capabilities. Users can easily upgrade to higher measurement speeds for fast and accurate results. In conclusion, KLA ALPHASTEP 500 is a highly advanced and reliable wafer testing and metrology platform for the sophisticated analysis of a variety of semiconductor wafer characteristics. Its precise and robust scanning systems, intuitive software package, and powerful diagnostics capabilities provide fast and reliable results that are ideal for accurate process control and improvement.
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